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Day 8, in ketosis (so say ketostix) but still hungry - just me??

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Re: Day 8, in ketosis (so say ketostix) but still hungry - just me??

Post by Bluebell40 on Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:32 pm

Hi Crystel

I was just wondering if anyone was about .....

I would really like to use this forum instead of Facebook - I avoid Facebook at all costs !

Perhaps if there is anyone out there who is interested in getting a forum 'chat' up and running ( like the good old pre Facebook days ) they could post an introduction in here this week so we can see who is around ....

My name is Blue and I am back after a long spell of holidays .

Came back to it 6 weeks later and around 10 pounds lighter than my original starting weight in .

I don't want to get obsessed by numbers , but I probably will!

I am on day 3 and am doing 3/4 products a day plus a protein and veg meal . I have a BMI of 36.3 currently .

I also sea and pool swim and am currently taking part in a swim a mile a day for a month challenge ( hence the extra product + not weighing my veg!)

I want to feel fit and healthy and I notice that I swim better without the carbs and wine.

Look forward to chatting

Blue xx


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Re: Day 8, in ketosis (so say ketostix) but still hungry - just me??

Post by crystel on Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:56 am

Hi I have just started back on Kee plan I am day 5
Sorry you are having a rough time generally when ketosis kicks in the plan becomes easier but lots of things can effect it and we are all different, cutting calories so dramatically can really drain you especially if you lead a very active lifestyle that's why they don,t recommended lots of exercise on the plan.
I can,t remember all the rules as done 3 different VLCD plans does it say 4 litres of water generally its 2/3 litres, too much water can overload your organs and make you feel sluggish too?
I am sure your body will settle in too it all soon, and be proud you have made it through the 1st week which is always the hardest xx


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Day 8, in ketosis (so say ketostix) but still hungry - just me??

Post by MrsHtobe on Fri Jun 27, 2014 4:18 am

I'm confused, is this normal? I thought I'd feel great by now but I still feel rubbish. I no longer need a two hour nap when I get home from work but the feeling great feelings have yet to kick in! I'm sticking to the plan religiously and I'm drinking at least four litres of water each day. Really happy with the weight loss but a bit concerned that I'm doomed to this misery!


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Re: Day 8, in ketosis (so say ketostix) but still hungry - just me??

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