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Hello everyone...abit about me....

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Re: Hello everyone...abit about me....

Post by jellybelly88 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:22 am

Thank you both for your replies...I'm still thinking about what to do for the best...hopefully my order will arrive soon and I can get started. I just want to get on with it and stick with whatever I decide.

Thanks again x


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Re: Hello everyone...abit about me....

Post by kwakers on Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:19 pm

If you follow the advice on what real food to eat on ANY Etiq. then you should be alright and at least not put any weight on. I would be tempted to follow maybe E3 up to , and on holiday and then start FMRP when you get back. That way you're not going in and out of ketosis, and you're preparing your body for FMRP? But I guess it's what YOU think you can cope with - it's your body.
Hope whatever you decide works out - keep us posted.

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Re: Hello everyone...abit about me....

Post by Vashti on Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:55 am

Hi Jellybelly,

Welcome- and yes, I think your plan to do etiquette 1 while on holiday would be good!

I can relate to all you said, mirror really!!!!! So you aren't alone. I also did LL and lost 3 stone in the 3 months, easy, but on this one, I started well, then sort off fell off the wagon, trying to get back on it, but really struggling to get back on, summer cold just getting rid of, so hopefully back on it properly, as I am also angry with myself for not getting a grip of this. As problems in one leg, bits hurting, u know, the usual stuff!

Go on holiday, and get into a pattern, and more importantly the right mindset! Get back to FMRP when you get back, and get back on this forum regularly, it does help, and always someone able to give a boost to morale, or a kick if necessary!

Lastly, think about changing your username, as you WONT have a jellybelly for much longer! Start as u mean to go on as they say, and don't be so hard on yourself. Think posititive!!

Take care, look forward to hearing from you soon. Very Happy

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Hello everyone...abit about me....

Post by jellybelly88 on Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:52 am did LL in 2008 and lost 5.5 stones. Totally breezed through it...all the way through management, the lot. Got down to BMI 21 and a size 6 and totally loved it. I kept the weight off for about a year by eating very, very little and then I started gaining back. I've now managed to gain back 4 stones and feel terrible.

I've tried to go back to LL a couple of times but just couldn't stick with it. I didn't really get alot out of the councilling sessions...if I'm honest, I just didn't get it. I still don't know why I overeat so it's like I learned nothing. Now I can't afford LL and through a post on a LL forum heard about kee.

I ordered a selection of packs to try but here's my 3 weeks I'm going on hols with my mum and dad. Lovely though that will by, eating will bring all kinds of issues up. My mum really worried when I was doing LL and nearly had a fit when I went back on it for a few weeks. If she finds out I'm doing a VLCD again she'll go mental. How funny that I'm 44 but still worried about what my mum thinks! It's just that I don't want her worrying about me...she can't understand why I can't just cut down a bit. I don't understand's all or nothing it seems...binge or starve...can't seem to find the middle ground.

Any way what I was thinking was maybe I could get away with it if I was on the etiquette least she'd see me eating. After the hols maybe I could cut the food and go on just packs...what do you think? Advise appreciated...I don't want to talk to my husband/kids/friends about it because I just don't think they get it either...they probably can't understand how I could of allowed myself to gain the weight back and I feel so embarassed and ashamed about it.

Oh dear...went on abit there for a first post didn't I...only meant to introduce myself!!!


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Re: Hello everyone...abit about me....

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