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Hi Everyone

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Re; Hi everyone

Post by lucylarge on Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:14 pm

Hi Sarah and Sue,

Thank you so much for your advice and message of support. Im wishing the days away a little bit as i know the next couple are gonna be tough. I feel motivated after reading this forum though and know that once the first week over with then i should feel better. Thanks Sarah for the advice with the meals/shakes also it is great that you can bulk it out with veg/salad off the list. Seems unusual for a VLCD to allow this so BONUS! I must say the choc truffle bar was yum i had it in front of telly, which normally is when i snack. Went to bed quite content and havent woke up starving whcih is good. Think im going to eat the porridge late morning and attempt the soup with a bit of seasoning mid afternoon. Im drinking plenty so should stave off the hunger pangs. Will check in later.

Thanks again guys, seems a really friendly forum.

Lucy xxx


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Re: Hi Everyone

Post by sue wilkes on Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:53 am

Evening Lucy,

Welcome to the kee its always lovely to have newbies on here. That was a whole lot of good advice given
by Sarah, hope it helps you. It is a bit trial and error with the packs until you find what you like, just keep
ordering samples and im sure you will find some things tastier than others.

I tend to stick to what i know i like but i dont mind having the same things, im just happy to be getting rid
of the pounds.

Let us know how you get on and what you like and dont like. You will soon get into the swing of things. The
first few days are the hardest, you generally have a headache and feel under the weather while you are
detoxing, after that you feel a lot better. Make sure you drink enough, that helps with the headache and
keeps the hunger pangs at bay.

Good luck and i look forward to hearing how your getting on

Sue x

sue wilkes

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Re: Hi Everyone

Post by cathyb on Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:08 am

Hi Yoyo,

I'm nearly at the end of day 2 and having done LL in the past I can honestly say that I think this is going to be a much easier journey both with the support of the forum (all the ladies are lovely) and the variety and tastiness of the packs.

Hoping you're doing ok.

Cathy x


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Re: Hi Everyone

Post by MrsBadcrumble on Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:37 am

Hi Lucy,

I think you'll find quite a few of us here are yoyo dieters. Done most plans before, starred in the video, etc. Wink

I've not tried my omelette pack yet, but know that Sue has, and she really enjoyed it. I plan to have mine with a bit of side salad or veg, and would probably put some microwaved leeks and courgette inside it, and season it well to add flavour. I always put a bit of aromat seasoning on my veg, which is a bit like a sprinkle bouillon, but a bit of bouillon works just as well.

I chose the monthly starter pack, and felt the same that the choice was a bit restrictive, but I guess they have to make it a bit easier for us to start with to choose. There's so much there.

I had one of my soups this week, think it was leek, and I had some cooked spring greens and fresh leeks added to it, so it was more like a chowder, and I found it so filling too. The soups I've tried so far have been very tasty, and don't really feel like diet food, although I know some find them somewhat powdery. One thing I did find out though is that you should never microwave them once they've been mixed with hot water.... they go all lumpy and gritty. Ikk!

I'm not sure what else you've ordered, but I wasn't able to eat the oatmeal I ordered, as I just found it too much like ready brek, and that makes me gag. pale I tend to leave having my b/fast until late morning, or just go straight to lunch, have a shake late afternoon, then my dinner, and save my snack bar for the evening, like Sue does.

If you don't find the meals too interesting, I definitely recommend livening them up, and making them look more like a real meal by having some green salad, or leafy veg. The spring greens have just come in our local s/mkt, so I'm on those with some sliced leeks and courgettes right now, and that's lovely, really makes it feel like a proper lunch/dinner. I've just eaten the chilli with some greens, courgettes and broccoli, and it was delish. I feel full up now too.

See how you go for this week, and in the meantime have a look at the other choices to see what you fancy trying next time you order. I can thoroughly recommend the choc wafers for a snack, also the soy puff snacks are yummy as a treat. All the shakes I've tried so far I've liked, and the chilli/spag bol/cottage pie all winners too. Oh, and I tried the caramel crunch for the 1st time yesterday, and that was really yummy, it just doesn't feel like it's diet food.

Hope your first week goes well.

Sarah x


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Another newbie. x

Post by lucylarge on Fri Apr 13, 2012 4:32 am

Hi everyone,

Been reading posts to help motivate me and some of your weightlosses are inspiring. I have yo yo dieted since the age of 18 (im now 34 with two children). I am at my heaviest now and feeling depressed and have a low self esteem. Time to pull my finger out and get cracking. Ive never tried a VLCD before usually opting for ww or sw. I ordered a weeks worth to see how i get on commencing the rapid burn plan. Today is day one, not feeling too hungry but cant seem to stomach the omelette or onion soup. When i ordered the weeks worth i could only request 4xoptions ie;breakfast,lunch dinner and snack. Any hints on what i can do to make them more edible until my next order arrives, ive ordered a variety to try.

Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

Lucy xxx


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Re: Hi Everyone

Post by MrsBadcrumble on Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:55 am

Hi Yoyo

Welcome to the forum, and hopefully your order will arrive soon!

If you've done LL, you'll easily get the hang of Kee. I like it because I can still have some veg with my meals, and feel like I'm still being 'normal'... whatever that may be!

The packs are versatile enough that you can fit them in to ordinary life, without it being too much hassle.

I guess starting a diet just after Easter is as good a time as any! 4 stone is about par for the course of the kind of weight us guys here are looking to shift. Just think, that could be all gone before the end of the summer!

The forum is a great place for support, encouragement, sharing your success, and generally just having a chat about anything you like. Join in for maximum benefit.

Good luck with achieving your goal.

Sarah x


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Re: Hi Everyone

Post by Dannib78 on Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:12 am

Hello welcome!!
If you've started lighterlife then u kinda know how this is gonna go only difference is that u can have some veg and meals as such!!
Good luck on your journey!!
Keep us posted


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Hi Everyone

Post by yoyodieter on Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:38 am

Hi everyone, waiting for my first order to be delivered, ordered on Thursday but due to the Easter holiday will have to wait :-( I joined LL 2 weeks ago but found it to be really expensive, had to stop going. Hope I can lose the 4 stone I need to now lose on the Kee diet. Very Happy


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Re: Hi Everyone

Post by Sponsored content

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