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Water water everywhere

Post by Wendy Brew on Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:45 pm

I really enjoy reading your postings, SOO well written and easily understood .Thanknyou

Wendy Brew

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Location : Stratford on Avon
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Post by hawklans on Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:41 am

Hi Wendy,

You need to drink more water for a number of reasons, from what I've read elsewhere.

1. We dont drink enough (regardless of diet) which means that alot of people are dehydrated and often mistake that for hunger.
2. On the diet we are not eating normal food so need to up our water intake to balance the water we are not getting through normal food (i.e. vegetables etc)
3. It helps flush through fat from your system

I can promise that it is important and I know from watching my own stats that when I dont drink enough it has a direct impact on my weight loss, as I weigh myself every day and track all my water intake (excluding anything used to make up the food) I can see a direct relationship between them.

I drink between 4-6 litres a day, I'd say most days its about 4.5 litres but sometimes it can me higher. The big secret is to drink constantly throught the day, dont down a litre of water just sip it constantly. I carry around a 750ml bottle (just using a normal water bottle I bought from a shop and refill it) and try to keep drinking from it as much as possible. Yes it does mean you will have more trips to the toilet, something to get used to, but you will get into the habit of it. And of course the results are always worth it.

I have an iphone and use an app called Hydriod which you can set up the containers to different quantities and then during the day when I finish a bottle, cup or mug I just tap on the picture.

Just for info the water thing is common across all of these diets and I'm pretty convinced that many other diets would be improved by increased water intake. I also find that i'm more alert and active because I'm well hydrated and my wife who's not dieting also says the same.


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Post by Wendy Brew on Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:03 am

I struggle drinking water, remembering to, just going to get an APP through looking back through forum posts.(hawklands) much water? Q.. why is it so important to the Kee diet?

Wendy Brew

Number of posts : 79
Location : Stratford on Avon
Registration date : 2012-08-18

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Post by Admin on Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:06 pm

Hi KeeBees!

I hope we are all enjoying the sunshine sunny that has at last come our way!
Here in the office we are all upping our water intake because we are so warm so we thought we would extend this to you all aswell and see how much you are drinking in the warmer weather....As you know, water intake is one of the paramount parts of our plans - so let us know what you are doing with yours!

Dont forget if you spend £25.00 or over in our online store you are eligible for a free water flavouring... when you get to the checkout just add 50FWF in the special comments box and it will automatically be sent out in your order! Simple as that!...

take a look at this story that we covered on Facebook to see how much one lady drinks per day.... its bizarre but true!

Happy Drinking All!



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