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oops silly old me

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Re: oops silly old me

Post by DragonQueenGriffin on Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:22 am

Hi Jane,

It's all good so far 10 LB weight loss so far in 1 week so am very happy Smile and i am sure you will do just as good as long as you stick to it,
i am on the rapid burn as i have a lot of weight to lose Sad , my starting weight 19 ST 0 LB

Hope you enjoy and good luck


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Re: oops silly old me

Post by Shoxford on Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:08 am

Hi Rosina

Good luck with your diet, hope it's going well? I'm starting tomorrow

Jane x


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oops silly old me

Post by DragonQueenGriffin on Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:08 am

lol! Sorry about this i forgot to tell you anything about me flower

My name is Rosina and i am 5ft 8 inches tall aged 53 this february coming,
I was on a VLCD before and i did it with ease i managed to loose 4 stones, but then i became poorly and also hurt myself so didnt feel like carrying on dieting, in the meantime i was mortified to see i have gained 2 stones so i am now weighing 19st in total sigh Sad

Well i was looking for a supplier after making my new years resolution to go back to losing weight and i found the kee Diet so have placed my first order, the down side for me is the cottage pie meal i really find this untolerable and cannot force myself to eat it, i dare say the kee version will be the same, i have 3 packets spare from last time and literally couldnt stand it, seemed tasteless and bland, i have 5 chocolate shakes left and i love those and am hoping kee ones will taste the same, so in the meantime i am starting dieting using what i have left as a starting point until my diet arrives, at least i will be prepared this way to reducing calories drastically and preventing those aweful migraines affraid i dare say i will sart fully on wednesday with a little luck but am hoping to lose a little until then (every little helps )

Anyways looking forward to losing more weight and am hoping to also gain diet buddies its a lonly road and a struggle when alone
Take care xxxxxxxx


Number of posts : 9
Age : 56
Location : Birmingham u.k
Registration date : 2013-01-08

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Re: oops silly old me

Post by Sponsored content

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